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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Upcoming work

I've been working on a lot of Preteena, Jetsons, and Hi and Lois drawings in recent weeks and here is what I hope to be uploading soon:

PRETEENA: I've got a few requests that I still owe for Preteena which have been completed but not fully colored. There's two new Teena, two new Jeri, and four new Tess (the mother). These do not include the four requests.

THE JETSONS: All feature some delicious Jane Jetson but a couple do feature Judy as well. Unless I decide that I don't like the way they've turned out (you'd be surprised at how often this happens) they should be posted up soon. If I post what I have finished there will be six new ones, the picture to the left is one of those six.

HI AND LOIS: There will be more Lois and Chip wincest. In fact there will three more pictures, one of which also features Hi.

FOSTER'S HOME: Two new Frankie Foster.

HONG KONG PHOOEY: Something I'll be trying my hand at. Will I post any of them? It depends on whether I like them or not.

SWAT KATS: Callie Briggs will have two new pictures added to her gallery soon.

There will be no new Flintstones -although I am considering uploading some older pics of Betty I've done- as I am still not satisfied with the way I draw teen Pebbles.

I'm also heavily considering doing a comic of either Preteena or Foster's Home. I'd like to challenge myself to something of that nature in order to see if I can deliver a certain amount of pages on time. I'm going to finish all of the above first before I even begin to do anything else however!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Callie Briggs

I'm eventually going to be more on time with my work.... I swear I'll have something new to post within the next few years!

So anyway here's my old Callie Briggs work (SWAT KATS) and I have a few doodles of her that have not been seen before... I plan on uploading those at some point as well.

The gallery is here.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Super Mario Brothers

I just uploaded some of the Nintendo stuff I've done. Anyone who has followed me has already seen these before but I do have a few that I've never released. Once i find them on one of my old discs I'll upload them too (I can only image how horrible they are).

I'll have brand new content soon. Things have been kind of crazy lately!

P.S. Moparfreak has animated a few of my pics on the WWOEC forum. Check out his thread over there!