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Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Jane Jetson

A new Jane and Astro pic has been uploaded to the Imagebam gallery. There will be three more to follow within the next few days so check back for updates!

I've uploaded another animation to the Animation Gallery and will be coloring the Teen Titans animation after receiving quite a few e-mails asking me to do so. I just need to find the old frames for it but that shouldn't be too difficult.

Update: Another Jane Jetson has been added to the gallery.
Update #2: Two different versions of a new Jane Jetson have been added to the gallery.
Update #3: The last Jane Jetson has been added. There will be more at a later time however.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Upcoming Work II

I uploaded a couple more Jetsons and an old unseen Dexter to the WIP/Scraps gallery.
I have also uploaded two animations done by the talented Moparfreak (check his stuff out on WWOEC) and a really old animation I did myself of Raven from Teen Titans (it's from 05 or 06 I believe). These can be found in the Animation Gallery.
I've been pretty busy so far this week so I haven't had the time to finish anything but I do plan on uploading brand new stuff by the end of next week or so.

A couple of new things I'll be working on:

THE VENTURE BROTHERS: I've been asked to do quite a few of these and will have them uploaded as soon as possible. They'll cover a wide spectrum of the females in the series. Can't wait to draw Brock.

FAIRLY ODD PARENTS: I'm going to be working on a Trixie Tang picture.

TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND: I've want to do a few of these myself but never really got around to it. Some one asked for something specific and now I have a reason to deliver.

...And all those others that haven't been posted yet from the last update.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meet the Jetsons

I've created my gallery for the Jetsons. I worked on coloring it all night because I won't be able to put anything out for the next few days (I'm going to be a little busy). There's two versions of this picture to the left; one is the "dry" version and the other is the "wet" version. As of right now these two pictures are the only ones in the gallery but I'll be adding more next week.

I've been listening to In/Casino/Out on loop the whole night and I'll probably be dreaming of hourglasses after I finally go to sleep.

Anyway the gallery is here.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Three More Preteenas

Here's a new picture that I finished not too long ago. It was a request that took a lot longer to finish than I would have liked.

I wasn't able to find a color reference for Johnson so I had to pretty much make up his color scheme. At first I made him a blond like Jeri but that really didn't look all that great (now watch I'll actually find out he is blond) after that I tried using Hugh's hair color but that also wasn't too grand looking. I came up with the skin color based on the fact that he tends to work on a farm from time to time and thus should be darker and sport a "Farmer's Tan".

There's not much I've changed about Gordo since the last time I drew/colored him. I just added some lighting to his hair and that's about it.

This image is already uploaded to the Imagebam gallery and the other two new images will be uploaded some time tonight or over the next few days so keep checking in.

Update: I've added a new one to the gallery.
Update #2: I added the third Preteena image to the gallery.

A Devil Among the Tailors

I've created a gallery on imagebam that will be specifically for works in progress and pics that will never be finished.

Right now there are only four pictures. Two are WIPs, one is a Betty Rubble from a couple of months ago that I'm on the fence about completing, and the other is a picture of Tifa Lockhart/Red XIII that can't be finished due to the fact that and ex-girlfriend of mine "accidently" threw it away while cleaning. Luckily I managed to have a scan of the sketch on my computer but at the time it was trashed I had inked about half of it.

The gallery can be found here.