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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Three More Preteenas

Here's a new picture that I finished not too long ago. It was a request that took a lot longer to finish than I would have liked.

I wasn't able to find a color reference for Johnson so I had to pretty much make up his color scheme. At first I made him a blond like Jeri but that really didn't look all that great (now watch I'll actually find out he is blond) after that I tried using Hugh's hair color but that also wasn't too grand looking. I came up with the skin color based on the fact that he tends to work on a farm from time to time and thus should be darker and sport a "Farmer's Tan".

There's not much I've changed about Gordo since the last time I drew/colored him. I just added some lighting to his hair and that's about it.

This image is already uploaded to the Imagebam gallery and the other two new images will be uploaded some time tonight or over the next few days so keep checking in.

Update: I've added a new one to the gallery.
Update #2: I added the third Preteena image to the gallery.


  1. dude, your cartoons are AWESOME. Wish you'd do Jessica Rabbit at some point.

  2. Whoo hoo, new Preteena!