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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Three New Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

The first of three new FHFIF drawings has been uploaded. The next two will feature Frankie posing and a new picture of Frankie/Mac (something I get asked to do a lot) so be sure check in for those!

I've been slowly changing the way I draw Frankie over the past 29 images (the most I've done on any one subject) and I think I'll continue to tweak her over the next 29 or so. I'll eventually try my hand at drawing her exactly on model without any "enhancements" but until then expect to see more busty, big hipped, long legged Frankie pics.

As a very important side note, my favorite Frankie Foster artist- Fluffy- has retired from the world of toon porn and I wish him the best in his future endeavors. In all honesty my feeble attempts at drawing this stuff were greatly inspired by his work and my desire to be half as good as he was.

As they say on the internets... Good Night, Sweet Prince.


  1. Hi, Reagegreande. You Foster artwork is awesome, even greater than Fluffy, in my opinion. I like your pictures of Mac/Frankie, we need more of this couple.

    P.D: Could u make a pic of Mac and Frankie, but this time, a picture of them making love. That woud be awesome. You make pics of them, but they never are in "action".

  2. I'll eventually draw Mac and Frankie hooking up but I plan on teasing it a little longer...

  3. Nice gallery, keep up with the good job.
    Now I see why people ask you to make Mac/Frankie pictures...