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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gold Heart Mountaintop Queen Directory

I think I'm the only person who draws Rule34 of Hi and Lois... it's a shame too. So many great artists and yet all four people wanting to see pics of her are stuck with me. :(

The top pic is a classical study of anal stimulation of the matriachal figure. We can assume she enjoys it.

The "Good Night Kiss" is a good 6 months old (or more) and I just got around to inking it. There are a few differences in style between the two if you really look closely.

You may recognize the Young Chip and Lois as I did one almost exactly like it but with Jane Jetson and Astro. I drew them both the same day because I didn't really know which characters I wanted to use, eventually deciding I liked the Jetsons one more and discarding the Hi and Lois version. Recently looking through a stack of older drawings I found it, inked it, and decided to post it.

Post title taken from the album "Bee Thousand" by Guided by Voices


  1. Keep doing Lois art, RG. She's just as hot as any anime female.

  2. Thanks and I fully intend to do many many more.

  3. Any segway into that Miranda Cosgrove / Selena Gomez lesbo image?

  4. Because of the upcoming holiday and it's weekend I've not drawn anything at all.

    It's definitely something I intend to complete though.

  5. Backwalk here, posting as Anonymous!
    I'd hardly consider us as "stuck"! You know we're looking foreward to more Hi & Lois. Heck, you may inspire others to check the comics section of their newspaper!
    Pity "Cleats" is finished, as there should be a TON more art with those characters!
    Hope my request is coming up sometime!

  6. I can think of a lot of worse ways to be stuck with something. You don't give yourself enough credit. But I agree it would be nice if there was more appreciation for the series.

  7. Anon: Thanks but it was just my self deprecating humor seeping through.

    Backwalk: Yours was the Buxley/Lois/Chip one right? It's either in my place in Tennesse or Chicago.

  8. I am a HUGE fan of your Hi and Lois pics, Rage Grenade. I haven't commented before- I'd seen your work around the internet but I never realized you had a blog. Keep up the great work.

  9. We should get phil to color the last 2. Really great work! I love this milf so I'm excited to find your site!