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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Part 1

I really dislike taking pictures of my artwork for the simple fact that any straight lines will look skewed because I lack the necessary skill of handling a camera with any sort of competence.

It's an all Preteena parody update this time around:

The first image is Jeri under the mistletoe being her usual stuck-up self. "Bitchiness" is a trait I'm very attracted to unfortunately and probably a large part of the reason for my affinity for the character.

When she asks for an allowance advancement to buy those new at the mall Jeri doesn't mow the lawn or do the dishes (ew, manual labor) and Hugh seems to be just fine with that.

The third pic is a simple one I sketched a few weeks ago and was considering it or an idea similiar for the cover of the porn comic. Decided against it because I want all the characters on the cover and not have their faces obscured. Also as for the comic, I've put it on the back burner as I try to improve my artistic skills. It's for the better, believe me.

The last image is Jeri and Hugh after some raucous fornication. Hugh is a photographer after all.

I probably won't post anything else until the weekend after this one as I've got a few interesting things I want to work on between now and then.


  1. This is AWESOME.

    /I consider it like, the best Christmas gift ever. . .

  2. Thanks! I was a little worried these weren't all that good.

  3. if these aren't good, what's the worst that you have? :-P

  4. can you do part 2 with candace and jeremy?