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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays part 2

Ah, Lazytown.My old room mate discovered the show when it first came on Nick Jr. Being a stoner he thought it was the most amazing show he'd ever seen. At the time I worked later in the day so almost every morning at 11am (I think) two full-grown men were watching a show for toddlers... yeah... This is more intune with my natural drawing style and not an attempt to conform to a style which copying something usually requires.

It's been over a year since I've posted Frankie Foster pic. I've drawn a few but not really liked them and as such they were tossed. A lot of people have been wanting me to do more of her so hopefully this is the start of a renewed trend for me. I like drawing her but I'm very particular about how it turns out and this one I'm still on the fence about.

As for the dialouge I had some sort of text along the lines of "FINALLY! I've been looking everywhere for you two! You know you're missing the party, right?" A friend of mine saw it and said "Mac, Frankie's panties on your head. They don't go there!" So I changed it. Also the theme of Bloo being oblivious or an unintentional cock block continues.

I looked to see if Charlie Chan had any 34 on paheal and he didn't so this will fix that.

Damn that was a lot to type on a phone...

Also added a poll so you guys can help me settle a nerdy little dispute my friends started while we were eating at the Waffle House. (Zoro is my pick.)

Part 3 coming sometime before New Year's (I hope).


  1. Kudos for you typing a damn novel on your phone!
    (And more lazytown please!)

  2. Oh c'mon...the Highlander is the obvious choice. Claymore and/or katana wielding immortal Scotsman who can only be killed by other sword wielding immortals. That pretty much knocks everyone else out of contention. Then again, being struck by lightning every time you decapitate someone has gotta be a real downer.

    Oh...cock block or otherwise, I've found a new piece to color. :D Love me some Frankie.

  3. Anon: I really liked how Stephanie turned out with this pic so you can expect another one for sure.

    Pt2: Awesome, I didn't know you were a Frankie fan! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    But as for the Connor MacLeod (I only now noticed I spelled his name wrong)... it's never stated that only an Immortal can kill another Immortal and, if you reference Highlander III, they can be dismembered but as long as they aren't beheaded they'd still be alive!

    But either way Connor has 500 years of experience to his advantage so I can concede that he could very well win regardless.

    My friend had a very funny comment about another saying Alucard would win, "Alucard meet Sun Sword!"

  4. More lazytown!!! Your style matches the lazytown coloring books perfectly!

  5. You are an amazing artist, I really love your style.

    also Please draw more Mac and frankie

  6. no candace and jeremy? maybe part 3?

  7. Had no idea Lazy Town had coloring books, now out of curiosity I'm gonna look them up.

    There will be more Frankie & Mac. People seem to really like my renditions of Frankie and her predatory ways.

    A Candace and Jeremy coming up at some point. Patience, young Padawan.

  8. Preteena AND Lazy town?

  9. Said Yuletide cock block, just time for X-mas:

    Yeah, been a Foster's fan since...well, since it aired.

    As for the Highlander, he's also got a cooler catch-phrase than the rest of them...."They're can be only one" you know.

  10. ...and I didn't even get you anything for Christmas! :D

  11. It's gonna be great if u make some more mac and frankie real soon