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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down

I was playing the mobile phone game Lame Castle a few minutes ago when a thought struck me: "I bet there's no Rule 34 of this game!"

After a bit of checking I'd confirmed my suspicion and quickly whipped out this pic of one of my favorite mobile games. If you've never played the game it's pretty much in the same style as Robot Unicorn Attack. The Princess appears briefly at the end of every level to award you points and reveal unlocked bonuses such as power ups or new modes (like CHICKEN PUNTER).

Funny backstory about the game: It was created in response to Sony's PSP ad campaign making fun of mobile gaming. In the commercial a kid is playing a game on his phone called "Lame Castle" and is made fun of for it. Taking offense to this put down of mobile games a company went out of it's way and actually created a game using that name.

Also a preview of a Pebbles Flintstone sketch:

Post title taken from the album "Turn on the Bright Lights" by Interpol

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  1. Urgh...damned addicting ass game. Actually, I was doing a "I bet there's no r34 of..." a couple of weeks ago. Sure enough, not five minutes before unveiling my lame-masterpiece, some douchebag posts a doctored-up screenshot.

    Anyway...other than the "Published with..." thing at the bottom, looks pretty good. I was testing the actual Blogger (from Google) app a week ago or so. I liked the feature of actually being able to take a pic while in the middle of a draft.

  2. It's a fun little time waster for sure.

    I would use the official app but my account on my phone is my personal Gmail and the app doesn't support using non-phone profiles yet.

  3. Ah, ok. My gmail throw-away became my personal by an odd twist of fate....old (and slightly psychotic) gf tracked me down sorta thing.

  4. Ah yes, psycho chicks would be the best thing ever if it weren't for all the baggage.

  5. Big, giant, heavy, expensive Gucci luggage packed with four or five jealous include: an ex-cop, a bouncer, and a three-time convicted felon.

    Nope, I didn't just lose that email....I FedEx'd it 2-day air to Mongolia.

  6. (Not So) Lame Castle: