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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Got the Time

Oh how the mighty have fallen... Cartoon Network used to be an amazing channel full of quality animated programming with something for everyone of all ages. But the station that was once home to the juggernauts "Toonami" and "Cartoon Cartoon Fridays" now continually pushes live action programs, movies, and GODDAMN SPORTS SHOWS. If it weren't for Adventure Time I'd not watch the channel at all anymore.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do The Rump

After seeing PhillipThe2's coloring of my Jane and Astro piece it really got me inspired to sketch out quite a few pics of the sultry Mrs. Jetson.

The CompuMirror 3000 is the Ron Simmons model obviously.

Jane also has an entirely different approach to getting Astro to behave and I can almost guarantee that -unlike her husband George- she doesn't have problems walking him on the treadmill. Spiritual successor (maybe even precursor, I work in layers with my shit) to the Jane and Astro coming in from the walk.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kings & Compromises

Tifa Lockhart is- in my mind- the undisputed Queen of Rule 34. If you were born before 1997 and had just so happened to have the internet you shouldn't even need to ask "Hey Rage, why do you have such an opinion?"

The pic was inspired by... wait for it... the Right Said Fred song "I'm Too Sexy". Tifa is obviously taking the "I'm too sexy for my shirt" line to heart. I liked how it turned out (which doesn't happen very often) and admittedly it's a pretty generic pic of her, however...

This is my pic. There are many like it but this one is mine.

Also before you ask: if she can summon Chocobos and Ifrit from thin air then she can remove her shirt while keeping the suspenders on.

Another Frankie Foster but this time Wilt is showing her his appreciation for all the stuff she does to keep the Foster Home in such great condition. This is one of those Frankie pics I mentioned in the last blog post.

The ShopRite Can Can Girls as requested by FusionWarrior. It's a few months late but thankfully he realizes I have a social life and didn't harass me about getting it done (which is the best way to get me to NOT do it). I liked drawing them so I may do more at some point. The black Can Can Girl was just a brown recoloring of the other white ones so I just "enhanced" her a little bit and brought her more in line with she should look like. I think it worked. You can view the video this pic is based on here.

Last but not least are colorings of two of my Hi and Lois pics. These were done by PhillipThe2. He is awesome. Check out his blog for his artwork, photography and to be amazed at the colorings he does of other artists' work.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unsubstantiated Rumors Are Good Enough For Me To Base My Life Upon

After the Frankie/Mac Christmas pic I did a few months ago I got a lot of positive feed back (also 3 different colorings) and ended up getting quite a few requests to do more. Frankie as a sexual predator seems to appeal to a large group of people so I unashamedly sketched out 5 more (this is the only one I've ended up inking at this point though). The others have turned out fine so it's only a matter of time before those are posted as well.

Don't really care for Family Guy but I just felt like doing a Lois Griffin pic. Don't know if I'll ever do anymore and I'm on the fence about the pic itself, if people seem to like it though I'll consider doing more.

The third and final pic of the update is Jane Jetson spending quality time with Astro... well, until George suddenly gets home early.

Also for the occasional quick snapshots of sketches (and other assorted tom-foolery) check out my Twitpic account. Because I get bored easily while drawing some of those sketches may never be completed.

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