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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Got the Time

Oh how the mighty have fallen... Cartoon Network used to be an amazing channel full of quality animated programming with something for everyone of all ages. But the station that was once home to the juggernauts "Toonami" and "Cartoon Cartoon Fridays" now continually pushes live action programs, movies, and GODDAMN SPORTS SHOWS. If it weren't for Adventure Time I'd not watch the channel at all anymore.

Post title taken from the album "Persistence in Time" by Anthrax
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  1. They have more good shows on there like Johnny test and Star Wars. Also adult swim is ok. But I agree with you on the live show bit. It's called cartoon network. I should be seeing only cartoons not fucking live action tv shows.

  2. Johnny Test is a show I can do without but Star Wars is a great show, I usually just wait for it to release on DVD before watching it though.

    Adult Swim- which I (and they) consider a different channel now- is pretty rad except for their recent hatred of anime. Superjail has been more than amazing this season, to say the least.