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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kings & Compromises

Tifa Lockhart is- in my mind- the undisputed Queen of Rule 34. If you were born before 1997 and had just so happened to have the internet you shouldn't even need to ask "Hey Rage, why do you have such an opinion?"

The pic was inspired by... wait for it... the Right Said Fred song "I'm Too Sexy". Tifa is obviously taking the "I'm too sexy for my shirt" line to heart. I liked how it turned out (which doesn't happen very often) and admittedly it's a pretty generic pic of her, however...

This is my pic. There are many like it but this one is mine.

Also before you ask: if she can summon Chocobos and Ifrit from thin air then she can remove her shirt while keeping the suspenders on.

Another Frankie Foster but this time Wilt is showing her his appreciation for all the stuff she does to keep the Foster Home in such great condition. This is one of those Frankie pics I mentioned in the last blog post.

The ShopRite Can Can Girls as requested by FusionWarrior. It's a few months late but thankfully he realizes I have a social life and didn't harass me about getting it done (which is the best way to get me to NOT do it). I liked drawing them so I may do more at some point. The black Can Can Girl was just a brown recoloring of the other white ones so I just "enhanced" her a little bit and brought her more in line with she should look like. I think it worked. You can view the video this pic is based on here.

Last but not least are colorings of two of my Hi and Lois pics. These were done by PhillipThe2. He is awesome. Check out his blog for his artwork, photography and to be amazed at the colorings he does of other artists' work.

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  1. Damn, thanks for the plug my friend....and damn its hard to type on this phone with a busted screen (see blog for a good laugh). Oh, I should be done with that jetsons one this afternoon.

  2. I got a good LOL out of it.

    I know my phone insurance has coverage for situations like Terrorism but I'm going to have to check if it covers Drunk White Trash.

  3. Actually, I just got back from the phone store. Apparently my drunken trailer trash story was a bit more amusing than the same old shit they hear every day (dropped in toilet, sat on it, etc, etc). There was some kind of service bulletin out for it, so....wink, wink, nudge, nudge....they did it as a warranty replacement and I'll have a new one by Friday.

    Yeah, I've got the terrorism clause in mine too...pretty much covers everything except Old Testament biblical shit and/or unauthorized mods.

  4. Ask for trouble and ye shall receive...