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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unsubstantiated Rumors Are Good Enough For Me To Base My Life Upon

After the Frankie/Mac Christmas pic I did a few months ago I got a lot of positive feed back (also 3 different colorings) and ended up getting quite a few requests to do more. Frankie as a sexual predator seems to appeal to a large group of people so I unashamedly sketched out 5 more (this is the only one I've ended up inking at this point though). The others have turned out fine so it's only a matter of time before those are posted as well.

Don't really care for Family Guy but I just felt like doing a Lois Griffin pic. Don't know if I'll ever do anymore and I'm on the fence about the pic itself, if people seem to like it though I'll consider doing more.

The third and final pic of the update is Jane Jetson spending quality time with Astro... well, until George suddenly gets home early.

Also for the occasional quick snapshots of sketches (and other assorted tom-foolery) check out my Twitpic account. Because I get bored easily while drawing some of those sketches may never be completed.

Post title taken from the album "As the Eternal Cowboy" by Against Me!
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  1. great fan of Family Guy am I, but I did just repost/edit a Lois/Brian pic I did a while back. Personally, I would have gone for the "pokey pants" look, kinda like that Lois/Chip one...for comedic effect. Pedo-Frankie...can't really comment without giving anything away (got something in the works). Astro+Jane=Win...and, more than likely, a righteous coloring.

  2. Yesss. More Frankie/Mac! I like where this is going.

  3. Wow! I've always been a big fan of Frankie & Mac, and it's especially nice when she's tricking the naive little boy into these situations. Frankie finally formed some great curves too, so perhaps Mac won't mind so much once he's past the embarrassment of his soon to be revealed hard-on. Mac is really cute as he tries to be obedient with her undressing him. It's a very little-kid thing to do but he's clearly aware that something else is going on. Lucky boy. :)

    Lois is extremely hot and looks like she's about to melt as she stares at her son's throbbing member. Sure it's incest, but after she heard how huge he was how could she resist. Nice job on both of them.

    No wonder Jane and Astro are always trying to kill George on the treadmill: they can live off the life insurance and get to go nuts all the time (at least when the kids are out and Rosie is recharging). Astro is so lost in the ecstasy of that delicious bottom that he doesn't even care that George is home. If he's knotted inside of her and can't pull out in time then I'm sure he'll get hit with more than a rolled-up newspaper... but it was worth it.

    Thanks for drawing and sharing.

  4. @PhillipThe2
    Can't wait to see whatever Frankie related material you got coming and if you do decide to color the Jetsons pic I'm sure it'll blow my mind. Not sure how it'll compare to the most recent Lois Flagston though, that's my new favorite.

    AND MORE ON THE WAY! I bought a $3 Foster's coloring book so I'd have some better references to use, I hope it shows.

    @Fairy Slayer
    I should just copy/paste all that as the blog text, lol

  5. Actually, if you follow ThaMan's blog you'll probably see a preview of the FHFIF thing here fairly soon. I probably won't post anything on mine until it's completed.

  6. Honey, I'm home....

  7. It makes me sad you don't like Lois, you draw her so well!

  8. I may draw Lois again, people seem to have really taken to my version of her.