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Friday, October 26, 2012

Church Hymn for the Condemned

I had never really considered drawing Family Guy stuff until people repeatedly asked it. After awhile I was like "why the fuck not?" and just decided to go for it. Crazy to think this picture is approaching 2 years old now. There were a few solid colors done of this one on Paheal when I first posted it, thought I'd add my touch to it finally.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sex Type Thing

Two more colors of everybody's favorite MILF, Lois Flagston. Chip has such a loving mother, doesn't he?

I really do wish that more artists would try their hand at depicting Lois, I'd be real interested in seeing her interpreted in various other styles.

Thinking I might start on a comic starring these two sometime soon. We'll see...

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Blank Husband Epidemic

Just some more old artwork getting colors, ya dig?

Always got to have some more Lois Flagston. This is probably one of my favorite pics I've done of her, the overall look and set up just really clicked with me as I drew it. Doubly so for the coloring.

Laura Newman of "Adam @ Home" may be a subject I revisit sometime down the line. I see a lot of potential '34 material in that comic with the mother/son thing being something that I'd obviously want to delve into. Obviously.

This is the second Francine Smith drawing I've done, the first one I can no longer find... otherwise it would get colored as well. I have a couple more sketches of her that I'll get around to inking, and then coloring, with one of those being a Hayley/Francine request.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


You can't call yourself a '34 artist and not have at least one Tifa pic in your portfolio. It's like the old cartoonist rule that everyone has to draw Mickey Mouse at some point in their career.

It's required.

It's inevitable.

It's destiny.

I think I've mentioned it before but it's always worth reiterating that Tifa Lockhart is probably the queen of Rule34. You could make a pretty damn good argument that she had a significant impact on the creation of the whole internet cartoon/game porn culture... and she's still going strong. Sure, Sailor Moon and Evangelion had huge followings at the time too but as time has shown they were merely pretenders to the throne. 

All hail the queen, baby.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On to the Next One

I really hadn't planned on coloring anything else for awhile but when the artistic bug bites me, it bites me fierce. Did both of these over the past few hours and I'm already currently working on finishing a Tifa Lockhart, it's a bit more detailed so it'll take a little longer. Also barricading myself inside and doing nothing but drawing or coloring seems like it may keep me out of trouble for a few days.

Frankie Foster is the old standby for me.I've drawn her dozens of times and always like to throw Wilt into a picture now and again since he's my favorite character on the show. I'm sure I'll get a few people asking why it wasn't the frequently requested Straight Shota-fuel pairing of Mac and Frankie but just be assured that one is on the way.

Lois Flagston is a MILF and that's about as much as needs to be said about that pic.

And for people who really like my Luann stuff, PhillipThe2 did an amazing job- as usual- on my most recent rendition of the Degroots having a "family night." Check his stuff out if you aren't familiar. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

LED Umbrella

It's been a few years since I've bothered to color one of my own drawings due to a mixture of laziness, disinterest, and at some point the basic inability to do so. I've always had a thing for Ulala and find that she's a very unappreciated character in the video gaming world as well as the Rule 34 community. There just isn't much quality stuff out there of Sega's space reporting heroine... so maybe I can try and add a little something with this piece.

As far as me coloring other pics down the line, I wouldn't rule it out but don't expect a sudden avalanche of Rage Grenade technicolor pornography to cascading across the internets anytime soon.

As always let me know what you think, I could use a heavy dose of critiquing now and again. I plan on getting back to work on these mountains of requests I have after this.... Eventually...



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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Don't Stand So Close to Me

It's been a long while (YET AGAIN!) since I've uploaded anything. Sorry about that, there was a moment where I didn't think I would be coming back at all but here we are with two new pics- finished requests, at that- for everyone to enjoy.

Luann spending yet more quality time with her mother will most likely be an ongoing theme from here on out. I wouldn't rule out other characters eventually being drawn though.

The Princess Peach pic is a good two years old now... Yeah... finally inked it...

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sound the Alarm

Time to get back to uploading some requests that have been stacking up on my desk. Up first is Laura Newman from the comicstrip Adam@Home. This was requested around a year or so ago. Yeah, I know that's a long time to wait for a request but fuck you it's free and I'll do it when I feel like it/have the time.
Up next is one that's really been on the back burner for a long (LOL) time. According to my Twitpic account I posted the sketch of this OVER 500 DAYS AGO. Holy jeez, I didn't know it'd been that long. Oh well, I inked it just a few minutes ago and here we are today. Almost 2 years later. Miss Spell and Capital G from the Justice Friends is something I may return to again someday. AS ALWAYS: COLOR IT IF YOU WANT. EVEN IF I GAVE A SHIT I COULDN'T STOP YOU.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy MILFs Day!

When I originally uploaded these I accidentally put up much smaller versions. This should fix that. Again, Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Camera Eye

Okay, first things first. These pictures look quite different due to the fact I'm trying a new Scanner app I found for my Droid phone. I decided I'd test it out with these three pics to see how well it worked but if anyone wants them the other way I can upload those too.

All three of these are request that I had been meaning to complete for a long while and just now got around to doing so. If you don't see yours here chances are it's coming up sometime soon over the next few weeks. If yours is here then shut the fuck up and leave me alone now.

Everyone loves Frankie Foster. If you don't, you're lying. Quit lying. Even Mr. Herriman loves him some Miss Francis, especially when she's in the process of stripping down atop his desk.

I had never tried drawing Kim Possible before and yet a couple people thought I'd be rad at drawing her. So here's my first attempt- a few months late mind you- and I think it turned out adequately. I may do a few more sometime in the future. Cheerleader outfits are the best, no? Her father seems to agree.

Finally, the Abilify commercial. Someone thought it'd be great if I drew the chick banging her doctor. I found the idea quite amusing and somewhat ironic that, as a person who has in the past three years taken up a strict adherence to the Straight Edge lifestyle, I'd be drawing Rule 34 of a drug ad. Side effects may include pregnancy and/or anal bleeding. Consult a doctor immediately if unusal swelling or rashes occur. Use as directed.


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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Perennial Favorites

First up we have Jeri experiencing just how incredibly horny a man can be when he first wakes up. It doesn't help when he sees her parading around in her booty shorts… obviously, a girl just can't eat cereal in peace. And bless all the girls who do wear such wonderful things for us males to be admirin'.

On the other end of the spectrum we have Lois Flagston inviting her son to take in a good night's "rest"… and plans to document the whole experience apparently.

These will probably be the last few uploads for a week or more. I'm going to ink a bunch of sketches that have been sitting around unfinished and complete some requests that are LONG LONG LONG overdue. Enjoy.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012


I don't know why I'd never tried drawing Ulala from Space Channel 5 before. One day I posted on Twitter if I should really make the effort to try drawing her, I got an affirmation that this would be a good idea, and so I went for it. She's ridiculously fun to sketch and for my first attempt at the character I think it turned out great. Her design really clicks with me. There are a few sketches of her I haven't finished that I'll try to get around to later. As she says "Stay Tuned!"

Oh hey, it's another Lois Flagston practicing that good ol' Motherly Love and whatnot. Who'd have thought?

I've also added a Poll to the sidebar with a list of a few characters or series I've thought about taking a shot at. I'm very interested in what other people might like to see me try from the choices provided.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flava in Ya Ear

Because there's just never enough Rule 34 of Jeri Keene in my estimation.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Amnesia (Y'all Musta Forgot)

It's been a long while since I've really uploaded anything. It happens. I could go on and on about the different things that have transpired over the last few months in my life but that'd just be making excuses for being lazy. Truth is I just didn't feel like drawing and I'm not going to go out of my way to do something that I don't want to do. Simple as that and I can't promise it won't happen again.

Now let's move on to the pics. I've made it abundantly clear that Pebbles is my absolute favorite toon girl of all time. It just doesn't get any better than her in my mind. Normally I'm very damn picky about what I'll post, with Pebbles it's even worse. Her design is difficult to depict accurately and tends to frustrate me. As a result I usually just give up or become disenchanted with the end result and move on do something else. Since I do this as a self-taught hobby it happens frequently but these three I ended up being quite satisfied with the end result.

As a personal request, anyone who wants to color my work is free to do so- especially Pebbles in the bikini- you really don't need my permission. All I ask is you credit me with being the artist and you can color, edit, maim my images all you want (especially Pebbles in the bikini).

Before I forget, if anyone wants to color the Pebbles in the bikini pic I strongly encourage it.

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