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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sound the Alarm

Time to get back to uploading some requests that have been stacking up on my desk. Up first is Laura Newman from the comicstrip Adam@Home. This was requested around a year or so ago. Yeah, I know that's a long time to wait for a request but fuck you it's free and I'll do it when I feel like it/have the time.
Up next is one that's really been on the back burner for a long (LOL) time. According to my Twitpic account I posted the sketch of this OVER 500 DAYS AGO. Holy jeez, I didn't know it'd been that long. Oh well, I inked it just a few minutes ago and here we are today. Almost 2 years later. Miss Spell and Capital G from the Justice Friends is something I may return to again someday. AS ALWAYS: COLOR IT IF YOU WANT. EVEN IF I GAVE A SHIT I COULDN'T STOP YOU.

 Post title taken from the album "West Texas" by Sleepercar.


  1. There's a Rage in the cage. . .