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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Don't Stand So Close to Me

It's been a long while (YET AGAIN!) since I've uploaded anything. Sorry about that, there was a moment where I didn't think I would be coming back at all but here we are with two new pics- finished requests, at that- for everyone to enjoy.

Luann spending yet more quality time with her mother will most likely be an ongoing theme from here on out. I wouldn't rule out other characters eventually being drawn though.

The Princess Peach pic is a good two years old now... Yeah... finally inked it...

Post title taken from the album "Zenyatta Mondatta" by The Police.


  1. Who, what, where?!? Where am I?

    Damn, where you been hiding dude?

    1. Legal trouble, my good friend!

    2. Nothing relating to artwork I'm assuming?

      I always assume the worst. :P

      ...and, yes (as if I even have to mention it), the Luann one is nearing completion. :D

    3. It had nothing to do with artwork... Let's just say there's a reason I named the first blog back after that song by the Police, lol.

      Anxious to see the finished piece, by the way!

    4. "Everybody on the whole cell block...was dancin' to the jailhouse rock." :P

      Replied on WWOEC regarding the Luann disappearances on Paheal....which is where the "relating to artwork" comment came from.

    5. A very perculiar situation. Hopefully other copyright holders don't get the same idea.

      I wasn't afraid of the police or even jail but an angry black mother? That scared me shitless, lol.

    6. Sorry...had to lop off that giant ass. :P

    7. Well, having dated an Nigerian girl while I was Germany many, many moons ago. Yeah, brought her home late one night / morning and was met by angry black mom with a machete.

      I was a trained soldier with (at that point) one combat tour....and scared shitless.

    8. I think we're building a consensus here; mothers are scary as fuck.

    9. ...with shotgun-wielding fathers running a close second.