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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Blank Husband Epidemic

Just some more old artwork getting colors, ya dig?

Always got to have some more Lois Flagston. This is probably one of my favorite pics I've done of her, the overall look and set up just really clicked with me as I drew it. Doubly so for the coloring.

Laura Newman of "Adam @ Home" may be a subject I revisit sometime down the line. I see a lot of potential '34 material in that comic with the mother/son thing being something that I'd obviously want to delve into. Obviously.

This is the second Francine Smith drawing I've done, the first one I can no longer find... otherwise it would get colored as well. I have a couple more sketches of her that I'll get around to inking, and then coloring, with one of those being a Hayley/Francine request.

Post title taken from the album "Aldhils Arboretum" by Of Montreal


  1. Hi Rage Grenade,

    Nice job coloring these pictures. Do you use a computer to color with or do it by hand. If you use a computer, couldn't you just download your first Francine picture from the internet and then color it? If you do it by hand, couldn't you print it out?

    Will the Haley/Francine picture be with Steve too, or just the two girls? On the show, Steve does have a thing for Haley. In a resent episode, he is looking at women on a nude beach though a pair of binoculars and sees Hayley and keeps looking to 'make sure it's her'. :-)

    Anyway, great artwork.

  2. The main reason I can't find it is because I've moved three times in the past two years. Much like the sketch I had done of Bumblebee from Teen Titans and thought I had lost, it'll turn up eventually.

    I do all my coloring on a computer and would much rather work with a rescan of the original than a low quality camera phone image. Some people far more talented than I- PhillipThe2- can do that but not me.

    The Francine/Hayley picture involves Steve and Stan in an observation type role. You know, drooling at the scenery and all. I don't get to watch American Dad often but this new information is very interesting to me...


  3. From:

    under list of Romances:

    Hayley Smith; His own sister. In "Stannie Get Your Gun", after Steve eats Roger’s cookie, in revenge, Roger convinces Steve that he is adopted and later, that he was kidnapped by his “fake parents”. Then, Steve tells Hayley that he is going to do “something they’ve both wanted to do for years” and kisses Hayley passionately; this would imply that Steve is in love with Hayley, but he respects the line between brothers and sisters. In addition, in "Meter Made" he repeatedly masturbates to a nude portrait of Hayley although he was unaware it was her as the face was left out. Also, in "Killer Vacation", when Steve saw Hayley nude on a beach through binoculars, he stated that he wanted to be certain it was Hayley, seemingly as an excuse to continue watching her nude.

    You can find these episodes for free online. I hope you do some more American Dad pictures with Steve having his way with both Francine and Hayley.

    Also, you don't seem to draw many blowjob pictures. Any chance of seeing some of those coming up?