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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Send a Man

The "What A Cartoons" were some of my favorite childhood television memories and briefly popular during the time when Cartoon Network was looking for their next breakout show. "Gramps" was one of my definitive favorites and one I had always hoped would become a series but I guess it was just never meant to be. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't find ONE Rule 34 image of the President from the short.

Wondering why there are three versions of the pic featuring different color palettes? There's a gag in the episode that involves Gramps not being able to remember in color but when his grandchildren- who are stuck in his flashbacks with him- protest, he adds various shades of yellow to the surroundings. Eventually the complain about this too and he finally gives them full technicolor visuals.

I don't know if that counts as Rule34 on the color yellow but it was just a funny idea that came to me as I colored the thing.

Post title from the album "Abolition of Manchild" by the group Manchild.

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