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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Helix Nebula

This picture of Princess Peach is close to THREE FUCKING YEARS OLD and I'm only now uploading it. I can't even tell you who requested it because I can't even remember. They're probably dead by now and if not I want to imagine they've had a browser tab opened on this blog, silently dedicated to the moment this image would grace their computer screen. Maybe on his death bed he told his grandchildren to never close the tab because one day a barely mediocre artist would post a picture he had requested long ago in his foolish optimistic youth.

He was buried in his furry costume. RIP. Yiff in heaven.

Agent Honeydew wasn't a request but more of a suggestion by a twitter follower. I love my twitter dudes and dudettes. They go to the front of the line.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hey, Ladies

You would think that, being some of the first cat girls, Josie and the Pussycats would be a little more popular in the Rule 34 community. Trendsetters they may have been, it doesn't help that the animated version of their adventures was little more than a Scooby Doo rip off. Of the three band members Valerie was always my favorite since she was usually the smart one... but mainly due to my affinity to black girls. A black cat girl, it doesn't really get much better than that. Before anyone asks, I'll definitely consider doing art of the other girls sometime in the future.

So with that said, we've got two different versions of Valerie and Alan, the first is done in my normal style but the second was altered to replicate the Ben-Day Dot technique used by the comics.

Bumble Bee is my second favorite female character from the Teen Titans animated series, the first being Raven of course. This drawing is around a year old (I think) and I had thought it had been lost or stolen at one point until I found it a few weeks ago. Decided I should ink and color the thing before it goes missing again.

Post title taken from the album "HOTel cORAL esSEX" by Futuristic Sex Robotz 

(album free to download HERE)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Temporary Post

In case you haven't heard, CISPA is back- yet again- because government is an unnecessary evil.

Until I get around to uploading new art I'll just post these previews for some of the stuff currently being worked on:

Teen Titan's Bumble Bee

Triana from the Venture Bros

Dexter's Laboratory's Agent Honeydew

Callie Briggs from SWAT Kats

Dot Matrix from REBOOT

Danny Phantom's Maddie Fenton  


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Livin' Large

A very Dexter's Lab themed upload today. Really didn't notice it until I put the tags on the post just now.

I always wished the Justice Friends had been given their own show, such a missed opportunity there, Cartoon Network.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Key to Gramercy Park

It's that time again.

It could only be so long before there were more Hi and Lois pics posted on this blog. I make no excuses, she's just so fun to draw. If you haven't seen it yet, my comrade PhillipThe2 did this bad ass version of a Lois Flagston pic I drew. Go over there and throw money at him or something. Actual money though, not fiat currency.

There's a few more colors of older material I'm gonna upload over the next couple of days before I start on posting brand new artwork. Get excited.


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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back To School

Jeri in a school girl outfit was intended originally as just a thumbnail for a look I was toying with for my so very frequently postponed Preteena comic. I liked it so much that I fleshed it out, inked it, and now- millions of years later- finally colored it. Her lips threw me off due to trying to stick as close the creator's style as possible. Lipstick on just her bottom lip looks off to me and it looked even worse putting color in place of her upper lip. I really admire Allison Barrows' artwork and she manages to do the lipstick so well. Eh, maybe I'll work it out for the next one.

When I had written this blog the first time about the Abilify girl it shipwrecked into an anti-state, anti-pharmaceutical, and anti-corporation rant. Let's try it again.

I just recently discovered that the character's name is Jane from some "Fulfillment Kits" they pass around to the unwitting victims of this government created pharmaceutical corporatocracy --AND GODDAMMIT I'M TRYING NOT TO RANT RIGHT NOW.

But whatever.

I like the way the picture turned out and I still plan on doing some of the other girls that were featured in the commercials. I'm just not sure when.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Pink Elephants

Ah, Jeri Keene... so stuck up and yet so attractive.

I've always had a thing for those types.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Trying Your Luck

It's Frankie Foster going full Scheming Pedo Status. Does there really need to be any more of a description here?

Sheera, of the Might Mightor cartoons, seems to be almost non-existent when it comes to Rule 34 depictions. As I finished coloring this one the song "Roll to Me" came on shuffle and I just felt it was a pretty inappropriate and yet hilarious song to have playing as I looked over the image.

So... uh... there you go...

Post title taken from the album "Is This It" by The Strokes.