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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back To School

Jeri in a school girl outfit was intended originally as just a thumbnail for a look I was toying with for my so very frequently postponed Preteena comic. I liked it so much that I fleshed it out, inked it, and now- millions of years later- finally colored it. Her lips threw me off due to trying to stick as close the creator's style as possible. Lipstick on just her bottom lip looks off to me and it looked even worse putting color in place of her upper lip. I really admire Allison Barrows' artwork and she manages to do the lipstick so well. Eh, maybe I'll work it out for the next one.

When I had written this blog the first time about the Abilify girl it shipwrecked into an anti-state, anti-pharmaceutical, and anti-corporation rant. Let's try it again.

I just recently discovered that the character's name is Jane from some "Fulfillment Kits" they pass around to the unwitting victims of this government created pharmaceutical corporatocracy --AND GODDAMMIT I'M TRYING NOT TO RANT RIGHT NOW.

But whatever.

I like the way the picture turned out and I still plan on doing some of the other girls that were featured in the commercials. I'm just not sure when.

The song the post is named after.

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