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Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Passage in Time

It's been years since I've drawn a Callie Briggs piece and I can think of no better indicator of how far I've come than to compare the two posts. This was another long overdue request that I can finally remove from the "To Do" stack. I can't say when but I'd like to do some more Callie material in the future and maybe even try my hand at the other girls from the show.

I've been obsessed with the show since I was a child and made the DVD set a day one purchase the moment I heard about the release a couple of years ago. The action was great, the music was cool, the writing was good, and of course Callie added a little sultriness to the show. I may not be into the furry scene but I'm of the firm belief that everyone is indeed furry for Callie.

As for other things coming up, I've posted these to my twitter account:

Lois Griffin dancing for Chris

Dr. Girlfriend and The Monarch

Raven from Teen Titans

The song the post is named after.


  1. Obsessed? Yeah, I'm familiar with that one....just got all five dvds for Venture Bros seasons 1 thru 4 this past Saturday. Other than work today (and working the piece you emailed me) I've been watching them pretty much non-stop.

    The pizza boxes and bottles of urine are beginning to get a little....ummm....unsightly. JK :P :D

    1. Along with several other Adult Swim/Cartoon Network shows, they've just put the Venture Bros on Netflix this weekend. I'm pretty stoked about being able to catch the ones I've missed and to watch the pilot episode that I've not seen in years.

      Bottles of urine have a long tradition of supplying humorous events amongst my friends. Especially if it's a Powerade bottle and we're on a road trip, lol

    2. Ehhh, the pilot...all I can say is don't have high expectations. It's one of those that, well, most series don't make it past the pilot episode. The folks at CN must've seen something....that I obviously missed.