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Monday, March 4, 2013

Black Tongue

A coloring of an old Lois Flagston pic that I had done a couple of years ago. When I first posted it the great and wise PhillipThe2 colored it along with a couple of other Hi and Lois pics and they can be seen here. As I'm finding myself scratching the itch that is coloring my older work, I pick up on how much my style has improved and evolved over the years. It also gives me an opportunity to study the techniques of the artists cool enough to have colored my stuff. This Lois wasn't a request but just something I wanted to do.

Triana Orpheus, on the other hand, is a request from around 2009... I think. I know it was asked of me when I was still living in Chicago so that's the most recent year it could have been. I originally wanted to wait until I had completed a Dr. Girlfriend that's in the pipeline but I couldn't bring myself to sit on this for very long. A very simple topless pic because those can be fun too. Loved how it came out so I may whip up some more of her in the future and hopefully it doesn't take another four years for me to get around to it.

TITS AND ASS. Is there anything better in life?

The answer is "No."

The song the post is named after.


  1. What is best in life?

    Well, naturally....

    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

  2. Do not forget Triana's friend Kim. (before those fucks wrote her out of the show in a subpar way)

    Keep up the good work, Hoss.

    1. Yes! Good thing you mentioned her because I honestly had forgotten all about her.