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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I've had some sort of creative fire lit under me lately and just can't quit drawing. I'm churning out at least a couple of sketches every night before I hit the sack which is what my normal output is every few weeks. Gonna chalk it up to all my friends being hitched up so no one wants to go out and be stupid. At least you guys benefit from it, I suppose.

I just really wanted to do a picture of a character flashing the viewer and couldn't really pick any one that I wanted to draw doing it. Did one of Starfire- as you can see- and one of Velma Dinkley doing a somewhat similar pose. Starfire was sketched, inked and colored first so here  we are. You should see the Velma one soon though, so fear not.

I've done a few pics of Bulma but noticed my Chichi numbers were surprisingly low. It's especially bothersome since she's perfect for my mother/son fetish. Need to do one of the Buu Saga version of Gohan railing her at some point in the future.

One final thing, be sure to check my twitter account on occassion. I've been posting all sorts of sketches on it these past few days and if you really want to demand one be finished feel free to yell at me on here or there. I probably won't ignore you.


  1. Great picture hope you do more chichi

    1. Thank you and I definitely intend to do so.

  2. This is my new fave gohan/chichi pic! So awesome! Bravo, Sir!