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Monday, February 23, 2015

The End

I got an email this morning from Google stating they'll no longer be allowing pornographic material on blogger. It doesn't take effect until March but putting anything new up on here would be pretty pointless, considering. So I'll just find a new place to upload everything from this point on while, of course, still posting it on Rule34.paheal and WWOEC.

It was fun while it lasted.

Nevermind, they've backed off.

Also I found out someone made a torrent of my work- which led to a sudden surge in visits. That's pretty friggin cool. Kudos to you, dude or dudette, for going through the trouble.


  1. Yeah, I got the same email yesterday...

    Depending on how some (tightwad) individual interprets "sexually explicit or graphic nude images" I may be in the clear for the most part. Then again, mine's been running since 2009....and I ain't goin' through all the shit, deleting what they might or might not consider to be graphic or explicit.

    Ah well, there's always paheal...and now HF (again).

  2. I might reconsider tumblr, but...yeah, I kinda hate the lack of human interaction. Likes and reblogs is just so...mechanical.

    1. That's the direction I'm leaning now, honestly.

    2. And then this happened:

  3. Thank you and you're very much welcome! I was updating your archived work on and torrents are an obligatory requisite. I'm incredibly honored for the shout out and I'm especially relieved that I was able to transfer as much of your work over as I could scour the Internet for before this blogger bombshell news. (I'm at 328 pics at a total of 66.16MB and I haven't even brought in your twitter rough sketch posts yet)

    I'm unclear of how familiar you are with the Exhentai/g.e-hentai community(one entity through but suffice to say it's massive and when I contributed your work to their collection I made sure to include an introduction of you, an organized table of contents for your art listed by parody as well as a list of all of your official upload outlets specifically noting this site and its standing in the Western Eros Art Community.

    **FYI, I did the exact same thing for Phillip-the-2's work just before yours this same month.

    **The official link to your work including the info I mentioned above (requires a free account and a simple browser add-on to access): vv

    **Unofficial backdoor proxy link that doesn't include any of the added index and info to your work, just the pics themselves: vv

    **Screen Capture of the Addtional Index and Intro: vv

    ***And finally, info on setting yourself up for Exhentai if you're interested. vv

    (I swear none of this is intended to be spam, but in any case feel free to delete after reading.)

  4. @Rage Grenade: Will you be posting at least one final blog update announcement when you've decided where your future blogging and artwork cataloging will take you?

    1. Since they've backtracked on the policy change I guess this blog will stay up for now. I'm still thinking about making a backup site elsewhere in case they change their mind again.

    2. Yeah, I preemptively opened a tumblr account...nothing on it. Just there if / when I need it.

    3. I'm probably just gonna do the tumblr thing too and update them both at the same time.