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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Karn Evil 9

I'm not entirely sure when but some time many years ago I downloaded a few references for Agent Penny from Super Secret Squirrel, the back up segment on Two Stupid Dogs. I found them yesterday after I uploaded the Princess Daisy artwork and, seeing as how I was gonna be stuck at a laundromat for a few hours, decided to finally take a crack at her.

If you follow me on twitter (PLUG) then you saw the two warm up sketches I posted while I was there. Those eventually led to the full-fledged artwork above once I got a grasp of the character.

I always liked the character and thought she was adorable. I consider her one of the few furry characters I'll draw rule 34 of, alongside Callie Briggs and Peg Pete. There may be more of her in the future, she's pretty niche and there's not too much artwork of her, that I'm aware.

See more titties on squirrel girls:

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