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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Whole Lotta Love

Latest attempt at everyone's favorite crime fighting secret agent schoolgirl. I personally really like the way the drawing came out and hopefully you find it satisfactory as well.

A harem of crime fighting secret agent schoolgirls:


  1. The show Kim Possible had an interesting art style. I think you need a little more work on it to really capture it. I think her ass is too big in this picture as Kim is a pretty slender character.

    You did a really on model picture of Alice from Dennis the Menace, and I think you could draw a really great Kim Possible. Maybe work a bit more on her face, too.

    I don't want you to think this is an attack or anything, your art is really great, just giving what I hope is some constructive input.

    1. I appreciate it and definitely agree with the face part. But the fat ass was the whole point of the picture when I drew it and was actually bigger when I first sketched it out.

      I'm an ass man, this is my curse.

      That being said, I'll probably be doing something more on model when I draw her again.

    2. Cool. Maybe one with her and one of the villains nailing her. Or a picture of Bonnie from that show.

      Keep up the great work!