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Monday, December 21, 2015

Sugah Daddy

I've been visiting family for the holidays for the last 7 days and have only had my trusty tablet with me. Been doing some quick sketches to pass the time and posting them to THA TWITTAH MACHINE. I usually do the drawing/coloring on the tablet and then port it over to my laptop for touch ups and corrections but without my laptop around it's a little bit more difficult to do, hence the flood of rough draft pictures. So please forgive the sub-par quality of these for the time being.

So first up is Marie. She's one half of the fictional Squid Sisters pop idol duo in the Splatoon universe, the other being her cousin Callie. Marie is superior.

Then there's Misty from Pokemon. I've wanted to do a picture of her for a long while but usually end up forgetting all about it before finishing it or just flat out losing interest.

Don't lose interest, visit the tumblr:


  1. I was never a Pokemon fan, but your Misty looks cute.

    1. Honestly, I'm not either. Pokemon was more my younger brother's thing but I've always thought she had a cute character design.