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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Black Girl Month 2k16, part 3

I'm wrapping up Black Girl Month™ with an update to the blog starring my all time favorite Dead or Alive girl, Lisa Hamilton. When I'm not playing as my main Jann Lee- who I've been using since DoA2 on the Dreamcast- I'm wrecking with La Mariposa in DoA4/Dimensions. As a guy who mostly dated black girls I was immediately drawn to her when I got my sweaty sixteen year old hands on a copy Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball on the original Xbox. Good times.

Not only have I posted the finished colored version and the black & white version but I've included the original blue sketch. It started out as a warm up that I had no intention to take as far as I did. However after I really looked at the sketch I realized it was too adorable to leave it as it was.

I did three different sketches of Queen Tyr'ahnee over on THA TWITTAH MACHINE and figured this would be the best time to upload them to blog. She's black, thick, rocks that Egyptian style, and her weave is on point.

Finally, Sharon Hawkins from Static Shock needs more love. Preferably in the butt. I intend to clean this sketch up and recolor it in the future.

Black Girl Month™ lives on forever at the backup:

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