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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Flagpole Sitta

Here's a sizable update to kick off March with and it's of one of my most popular subjects, Jeri Keene. From the Preteena comic strip, she's the bratty older sister of main character Teena Keene. Her severe case of Resting Bitch Face is what drew me to the character from the start as it's something I find very appealing in real life. I'm fucking weird.

We start off with three pieces of artwork from almost six years ago now. Colored by Der_Plury7 over at Rule 34, I really dig what was done here with them. Love seeing people color my artwork and these don't disappoint.

What follows are eight sketches of Jeri and her extremely affectionate father- Hugh Keene- that were originally posted during the last few months over on THA TWITTAH MACHINE. In fact, the very last one- Jeri showing off her cute little butt- was posted just earlier today.

Cute Jeri butt can also be found here: