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Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Archers Bows Have Been Broken

The Simpsons are a fairly frequent request and I finally got around to drawing them. Sorry it took so long. I may continue doing more in the future with the ways these turned out.

The sketch of Marge + Bart was originally posted to THA TWITTAH MACHINE a couple of months ago.

The back-up:


  1. I really like your Marge with Bart picture. It is a really nice set-up.

    With Bart, naked, looking up at his mother expectantly, his cock fully erect and presented before her, hoping she will like what she sees.

    With Marge, her eyes locked on her son's fully hard rod, already larger than his father's despite his young age. She is deeply impressed by how much her 'special little guy' has GROWN for her as she drops her panties, fully exposing herself to him as well.

    I hope there will be a more Marge with Bart pictures. This was a really good start, but she still has to truly demonstrate her love for her 'special little guy' by taking his big guy into her mouth, and he must later also claim her pussy as his own.

    Not a big fan of Homer with Lisa. Not really a big fan of Homer with anyone to be honest. Maybe Marge can introduce Lisa to sex with Bart later on?

    By the way, there was a Simpsons episode called "Tennis the Menace" that had a cool dream sequence I think you will like. You can watch the dream sequence here:

  2. What did you think about that Simpson's clip showing Homer's dream?