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Friday, May 13, 2016

Cocktail Party

This picture was supposed to have been finished by the Mother's Day post but obviously that didn't happen. At least it actually did get finished unlike the dozens of other pictures I start working on but then lose interst in.

The image was inspired by Homer's dream sequence from the episode Tennis the Menace which was graciously posted here in the comments by a pretty swell anon. It immediately got my gears turning.

The two sketches were posted over on THA TWITTAH MACHINE a few weeks ago or so.

So what do you guys think, should I continue to explore Simpsons stuff like Marge/Bart, Lisa/Homer, and other characters? I'd like some feedback on it either here, the twitter, or the tumblr.


  1. Cool stuff. It is great that you did a picture based on that dream sequence.

    I vote for more Marge/Bart, with an focus on how Bart fucks Marge better then Homer can. If you want to do Lisa, pair her with Bart rather than Homer. Maybe have Marge and Bart together introducing Lisa to sex? A picture of Marge on her knees sucking Bart's cock would be nice, too.

    I think Francine/Steve is my favorite pairing from you, so more of that is always welcome. A picture of her sucking his cock would be nice, too, as I don't think you have done one of that yet. Hayley/Steve could be fun as well.

    More Kim Possible art with different character pairings just in general would be nice, like Kim/Drakken, Bonnie/Ron, Kim/Wade, Kim's brothers getting some with the girls or even the evil blue Ron called Zorpox nailing some of the girls.

    Another idea would be based on the Kim Possible episode "Sink or Swim" where all the girls are in their cheerleader outfits for the whole show and are captured in a horror movie type set-up. You could have Gill get to nail Kim, Bonnie, and Tara.

    Kim Possible has some colorful villains, so just having them in the mix could be a lot of fun.

    I also would like to see your version of Jasmine/Jafar.

    Anyway, thanks for posting the art that you do and keep up the great work!

  2. I've got a few more Bart/Marge sketches I'm sitting on. Not a fan of brother/sister stuff to be honest though but maybe I'll come around to the idea. I mean at one time I said I'd never draw Simpsons stuff but here we are.