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Friday, December 2, 2016

Heart-shaped Box

Decided to finish up the sketch of Princess Jasmine and the palace guard.

What other sketches should I finish?

The back-up:

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  1. Cool to see the finished drawing of Jasmine. Would be cool if you drew a picture of Jafar fucking her, maybe with Jasmine with her red slave-girl look, but her normal blue look would be great, too.

    The Gwen picture is cute.

    I like both of the Lois pictures. Her standing there with her boobs out and on display is nice, and the one where Chris is fucking her is really good. Both their faces are great, and I really like how Lois is grabbing the pillow and Chris is grabbing her ass as he thrusts deeply inside her. I think it would be cool if you colored that one.

    Some other pictures I think would be good to color are:

    This one of Chip sitting on his bed with Lois standing in front of him:

    This one of Lois jerking off Chip in the hallway:

    And I really hope you add more detail and color this Simpsons picture that has Bart sitting on the bed while Marge drops her panties. It is a really amazing set-up. Really like how you have their eyes, faces, and bodies: