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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wyclef Jean

Been in a drawing mood lately so here's some new stuff. I think I'm getting more of a grasp on how I want to draw Marge Simpson now. At first I really objected to drawing her with her traditional hair because it would come out looking goofy as fuck, which is fine in any other format but not so much in porn. Also it tends to go outside of the frame- a huge peeve of mine. Solved the first one. Marge with her hair down is still the best Marge in my opinion.

The rest are the standard assortments of sketches from THA TWITTAH MACHINE. The one new subject is the mother and son from Robotboy. This will be the first in a series of sketches based around the boys from the show going to the lake with the mom, eventually ending with a full color pin-up. If you're familiar with my artwork in any capacity then you should be able to take an educated guess at how it's gonna end.

The back-up:


  1. Really happy that you have been getting into drawing Marge with Bart pictures.

    The picture of Chip butt-fucking Lois in the shower is really great.

    1. I just had to find my take on Marge is all. Still refining her but I'll get there.

      If my legacy will be anything hopefully it's "he drew Lois getting fucked in the ass pretty well."

      I'd be content with that.